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Yoga is a possibility to open the doors to deepening the understanding and evaluating the values of our daily and social life. – Sanjay K Naithani

Yogi Sanjay K Naithani is the founder and President of Shree Narayan Yog Peeth and has himself studied at the well renowned Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, as well as at the prestigeous Bihar School of Yoga. He is now dedicated to offer his vast experience and spiritual guidance to anyone interested in walking the path of yoga and who seeks a deeper understanding of spirituality and life. Shree Narayan Yog Peeth was founded in 2012 and is the result of a vision to create a school and ashram, teaching the ancient and authentic practices of yog, as passed on by yogis and sadhus since thousands of years in India.

Yoga origins from the sanskrit word yog and evolved in ancient India during a time called the Golden Age; an era of everlasting peace and tranquillity. The word means union and for modern truth seekers as well, yoga is a holisitic tool for evolving on the path of spirituality and creating a blissful life.

The discipline of yoga consists of eight limbs: Yama – Universal Morality, Niyama – Personal Observance, Asanas – Body Postures, Pranayama – Control of prana through breathing excercises, Pratyahara – control of the senses, Dharana – Concentration & Cultivation of inner perceptual awareness, Dhyana - Devotion & Meditation on the Divine, Samadhi – Union with the Divine.

It is important for anyone interested in attending the Sadhana course at Shree Narayan Yogpeeth to understand that the discipline of yoga goes beyond asanas. It is a sacred spiritual practice for improved self-knowledge, which expands the mind, heart and soul and if practiced regularly with dedication has the power to transform the life of any yogi or yogini.

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