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Yoga Teacher Training

The primary objective of the residential Yoga Teacher Training at Shree Narayan Yogpeeth is to offer the student a thorough understanding of Yoga and its related practices and is suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga practioners.

The course is fouded on both practical excercises and yogic philisophy, presented in a educative and consistent way. It is our experience that a Yoga Teacher Training can be a transformative experience and our ambition is to offer our students the best possible environment for personal development and improved understanding of the ancient system of yoga.

Shatkarma* class: Shatkarma, also known as Shatkriya, refers to the Yogic practices involving purification of the body.

Yognidra* class: Yognidra is a guided relaxation (?)

Dhyan Nidra* class: Guided meditation

Pranayama* class: Breathing excercises regulating the flow of prana

Mantra* chanting: is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation".


Time Routine
06:00 Morning wake up with herbal tea.
06:30 Shat karma class
06:45 Mantra class
07:00 Pranayama Class
07:15 Asana class
08:45 Breakfast
10:15 Lecture on anatomy & physiology
11:00 Lecture on patanjali yogsutra, bhagad vadgita, upanishads and yoga philosophy
11:45 Break
12: 00 Yognidra class
13:00 Lunch
16:00 Dhyan nidra class
16:30 Discussion class
17:15 Asana pranayama, mantra & meditation
19:30 Dinner
10:00 Lights off

Time for the classes can be changed without previous notice.

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India - Schedule & Fee - 2014

Schedule Fee Booking Status
1st of April 2014 to 28th of April 2014 US $1250 Available
1st of May to 28th of May US $1250 Available
1st of June to 28th of June US $1250 Available
1st of July to 28th of July US $1250 Available
1st of August to 28th of August US $1250Available
1st of September to 28th of September US $1250Available
1st of October to 28th of October US $1250Available
1st of November to 28th of November US $1250Available
1st of December to 28th December US $1250Available